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Fluorosilicone rubber is a polymer based on silicone rubber, with the addition of fluorine groups on the main polymer chain, Parts are typically formed by compression or transfer molding during which the rubber is vulcanized (cured) with heat. Fluorosilicone rubber can also be extruded and heat vulcanized into tubes, strips, solid cord, or custom profiles.

Fluorosilicone is a highly inert material and does not react with most chemicals. It has superior fuel and oil resistance compared to silicone rubber. It can withstand ozone, UV, heat, and other aging factors better than many organic rubber compounds.

Fluorosilicone is used extensively in aviation and aerospace applications, specifically for applications requiring fuel and oil resistance. Seals such as O-rings, grommets, and control diaphragms used in fuel systems are often made of fluorosilicone.