Logo: Jonal Labs


Jonal Laboratories was incorporated in 1965 when John Nemeth decided to develop a company that could manufacture non-metallic rubber-based parts for the aerospace industry. His innovative approach and sincere desire to control costs has helped Jonal Labs gain a competitive advantage in the industry. To this day the company remains a family-owned institution with Marc Nemeth at its helm.

Over the years, Jonal Laboratories has grown from a job shop to a custom manufacturer with design assistance supplying a wide range of elastomeric products for the aerospace, military, and industrial markets. Products range from standard O-rings to custom designed complex molded shapes, fabric reinforced seals, thin walled diaphragms, aerodynamic and platform seals, rubber-to-metal bonding, silicone extrusions, and EMI / RFI shielding products.

In 1997, Jonal was recognized as a finalist in the Nozko Family Business Leadership Awards. The criterion for this award was based on the success of a business and its contribution to industry and community. Jonal Labs proudly continues to provide consistent civic and industrial leadership. Jonal believes that the company owes something to the people in our community.

Jonal Laboratories is a company rich in its diversity of people, with our employee base historically coming from the City of Meriden and surrounding area. This diverse workforce consists of highly skilled, experienced, and trained technicians and craftspeople.

We continue to meet and exceed our customers’ ever-changing needs in ways that few others can. Friendly and helpful service representatives are here to provide assistance for the questions you need answered. Our engineers use sophisticated design software, and our knowledgeable technical R&D staff have many years of experience with various elastomers.


Jonal’s success is due to our commitment to quality, utilization of technology, and increased efficiency through lean manufacturing.


We’re preparing for tomorrow by moving to state-of-the-art inspection and production equipment, continually investing in our employees, and sharing our engineering processes and intellectual expertise with our customers. We are proactive in anticipating our customers’ everchanging needs.