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Jonsil SE-3601

Jonsil SE-3601 is an extreme high temperature, high strength silicone compound recently developed by the chemists at Jonal Laboratories. It is red in color with a hardness of 60 +/- 5 Duro- A.

Jonsil SE-3601 can withstand temperature for sustained service between 550° F (288° C) and 650° F (343° C). It can also withstand excursions greater than 725° F (385° C) for short durations. At temperatures above 450°F ( 232° C), its use expectancy depends on the application.

This compound was tested for 2,000 hours (83.33 days) at 500° F (260°C) by one of the world' s largest airframe manufacturers and passed their flexibility test. The test was comprised of bending the specimen through an angle of 180 degrees around a 4x thickness diameter mandrel. In order to pass the test, the specimen must not exhibit any cracks.

In another particular application, Jonsil SE-3601 was embedded and cured in a metal mesh and tested by one of the three largest jet engine producers in the world. At first it was tested for 8 hours at 650° F, and then 65 hours at 600° F. Another specimen sample was tested for 8 hours at 750°F, followed by 65 hours at 700° F and still passed the flexibility requirement.

Jonsil SE-3601 was developed to extend the service life and temperature range of elastomeric components, such as couplings, seals, clamps, anti-chafing cushions, boots, grommets, etc. Long-term deterioration of its mechanical properties can often be counteracted with fabric, such as ceramic or fiberglass and/or metallic reinforcements. It can be made into nearly any product form including, but not limited to, bellows, bulb seals, gaskets, and O-rings. Jonsil SE-3601 use is only limited by one's imagination!

There are other various advantages to using Jonsil SE-3601 over other silicone elastomers. One major benefit is to greatly increase component life at elevated temperatures and lower component life cycle costs. Another benefit is that it can enhance the reliability of component performance due to the improved retention of physical properties and flexibility at elevated temperatures. In addition, Jonsil SE-3601 can reduce the costs and weight of an application such as an aircraft) where feasible, due to the replacements of costly and heavy components like composites and metals.